Daddy Yankee.
Daddy Yankee, born Raymond Ayala, Feb. 3, 1977
in Rio Piedras, started getting involved in the
Puerto Rican underground scene with DJ Playero.
One of his first achievements was getting a song
called "Posición" on the "One Tough Cop" movie
soundtrack . "El Cartel" and "El Cartel II" were
released before he began calling himself El Cangri,
making his debut with his new alter ego on an
album released in 2002, featuring "El Gran Robo",
performed along with Lito. In addition to Latin
Hip-Hop he also performed rhythms such as salsa
and merengue, joining Grupomania on "The
Dynasty". However, he became mostly known as a
Latin rap and Reggaetón artist. After making a
contribution to the album "DJ Nelson presenta
Luny Tunes & Noriega" with  "Cógela Que Va Sin
Jockey", he joined "La Trayectoria" with "Metela
Con Candela" and "Aqui Esta Tu Caldo". Later
Universal Latino decided to include his "Gata
Gangster" recorded along with Don Omar in a
compilation. His breakthrough came with "Barrio
Fino", featuring the catchy "Gasolina". In
December, 2005 Daddy Yankee returns with
"Barrio Fino En Directo". In 2007 "El Cartel: The
Big Boss" is released, followed in 2008 by "Talento
De Barrio", "Mundial" in 2010 and "Prestige" in
Don Omar.
William Omar Landron, known as Don Omar,
began his music career while participating in  
compilations and making contributions to different
Puerto Rican artists. The opportunity to start his
solo career came after his "Dale Don Dale"
became a local hit. Later it was featured on "MVP"
by Lunar Music, "The Best Reggeton Beats" and
"Trayectoria" by
Luny Tunes" along with "Pasta y
Pelea", "Puedo Con Todos", "Entre Tú y Yo" and
"Miralos". On his first album, called "The Last Don"
and produced by Héctor "El Bambino", he's joined
by Daddy Yankee on "La Noche Esta Buena" and
Trebol Clan on "Tu Cuerpo Me Arrebata".  "The
Last Don Live, Vol. 1" featured a popular
bachata/reggaetón called "Pobre Diabla", followed
by "Reggaeton Latino" and "Ella y Yo" recorded
along with  
Aventura. "King Of Kings" is released in
2006, followed by "IDon" in 2009 and "Don Omar
presents Meet The Orphans" in 2010.
Don Omar
Vuelve.   Boom Boom.   Dura.