Belinda Peregrín Schull (born 08/15/1989)
started getting involved in show business
after performing roles in local teen-oriented
soap operas such as Amigos Por Siempre,
Aventuras En El Tiempo and Complices Al
Rescate. "Lo Siento" became the first hit
single from her self-titled international debut
album, followed by the Latin American
chart-topper "
Angel" (video) and "Muriendo
Lento", recorded along with
the Mexican
80s-inflected rock band
Moderatto. In early
2005 her live DVD "Fiesta En La Azotea"
(Party On The Roof) sold over 100.000
copies in just one week. In 2006 Belinda
made her debut in an English-language
movie, playing the role of Marisol on
Disney's "The Cheetah Girls 2" and "
Freud, Ni Tu Mamá" (video), released in the
U.S. as "
If We Were" (video), becomes the
first single out of her album "Utopía",
followed by "
Bella Traición" (video) and "Luz
Gravedad" (video), including its
English-language version
callled "See A
Little Light
" (video). In 2009 Belinda started
playing a main role in the Mexican tv series
"Camaleones", returning to the pop music
scene with her song "Sal De Mi Piel",
followed by "
Egoista" (video) featuring
Pitbull and "Dopamina" (video). In 2012 the
hit single "
En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar" is
released followed by "
En La Obscuridad"
video) in February, 2013.