The Black Eyed Peas.
2003's Elephunk was a breakthrough album
for The Black Eyed Peas, vaulting them to a
level of success unparalleled by any other
hip-hop group. The accolades are quick to
recite: 7.5 million albums sold worldwide, 4
Grammy nominations, 1 Grammy award,
and an unforgettable performance on the
2005 broadcast. But fitted with loose
rhymes, buoyant anthemic funk and an
ebullient live spirit, the album also heralded
a new sound for the modern age one that is
inspired by hip-hop, eschews boundaries
and inhibitions, and cuts across ages, races
and backgrounds. It is a sound that can be
described only as One Nation Under A Black
Eyed Peas Groove. But if Elephunk was the
group being crowned prince of the castle,
then Monkey Business, their fourth album,
is The Black Eyed Peas conquering the
throne to become King. It is an album that
further intensifies their passion for making
music together, for connecting with their
audience through the most fundamental
ways: making people have a good time. It is
a credo that has inspired the group since
they formed in the late 1990s, earning their
keep in the nurturing environment of Los
Angeles' vibrant hip-hop underground. Even
then, the group possessed a magnetic spirit
that helped them establish a worldwide
following through their first two albums,
1998's Behind The Front and 2000's
Bridging The Gap. In many ways, Monkey
Business is a direct descendant of its
predecessor. The success of Elephunk kept
the group touring around the globe for
nearly 18 months. In 2009 The Black Eyed
Peas releases "The E.N.D.", featuring the hit
singles "
Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta
Feeling", followed by "The Beginning" in
Explosion.    Ritmo.