Enrique Iglesias.
By Drago Bonacich.         (Español)
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Enrique Iglesias was born in May 8, 1975.
Son of the Latin icon Julio Iglesias and the
former fashion model Isabel Preysler, he
grew up in the bosom of a family
surrounded by the "glamour" of show
business. After moving to Miami, FL,
Enrique started getting involved with the
American pop culture, becoming bilingual
while learning English. Focused on
becoming a professional in the business
field, he began attending classes at the
University of Miami. However, his passion
for music became stronger and led him to
sign a record deal, making his debut in
1995 with a full-lenght album and soon
achieving a Grammy Award for Best Latin
Artist. In 1997 "Vivir" turned into his
breakthrough in the Hispanic market. In
1999 and after recording "Cosas de Amor",
carried out his second world tour and
have his song "Bailamos" featured on the
"Wild Wild West" movie soundtrack,
Enrique Iglesias was ready to take his first
step in the crossover scene. After his first
English-language release, the singer and
composer started climbing on music
charts in the U.S. and Europe with songs
such as "The Rhythm Divine" and "Be
With You". In the year 2001 his song
"Hero" captivated an entire country after
the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington DC. That same song is also
featured in the movie "Once Upon A Time
In Mexico", in which Enrique had the
chance to play a role, performing along
with Antonio Banderas and Mickey
Rourke. It is also the first single out of
"Escape", a well-produced and successful
record. In 2002 the popular Latin pop
singer goes back to his roots with the
song "Quizás", a blend of romantic tunes
supported by modern sounds and followed
by "7" in 2003. In April, 2007 "Do You
Know (The Ping Pong Song)" becomes the
first single out of "Insomniac". The album
"Euphoria" is released in July, 2010.