JD Natasha.
JD Natasha burst onto Miami's music
scene without getting involved in the
tropical or electronic field, locally the
most popular styles. In mid-2004, from
the south-west area of Kendall, emerged
a promising new talent influenced by the
legacy of the Seattle-based grunge
movement and alternative rock bands.
Natasha Jeannette Dueñas accomplished
her dream of becoming a rock singer with
the release of her debut album
"Imperfecta/Imperfect" proving she can't
get tied up to traditional rhythms
performed by Latin artists. JD Natasha
started playing guitar when she joined the
art program at Coral Reef Senior High,
later assembling an outfit called Wrewind
along with a friend. The opportunity to
leave the underground came after an EMI
Music Latin executive listened to her
demo-tape. That was good enough to
sign her up and to start working together.
JD Natasha was recording at Crescent
Moon Studios not long after they met for
the first time, working with producers
Sebastian Krys, Gustavo Menendez and
getting contributions from Volumen
Cero's Martin Chan and Fulano's Elsten