Juan Esteban Aristizabal doesn't smoke. He's
afraid of flying and to fall into oblivion. Juanes,
born in Medellin, Colombia, started getting
seriously involved in music after joining a Latin
rock band called Ekhymosis as its leading singer
and guitarist. After releasing five records, the
singer/songwriter and producer decided to go on
his own, starting a solo career. In Los Angeles,
CA, he met "rock en español" successful
producer Gustavo Santaolalla, deciding to work
together on his first album, called "Fíjate Bien",
featuring a blend of Latin American traditional
rhythms and contemporary sounds. Juanes
debut album became one of the most acclaimed
records out of the new Latin rock scene.
Influenced by
Pink Floyd, Metallica, U2, Led
Zeppelin and Silvio Rodríguez, Juanes revitalized
the essence of Latin rock. Back in the late 1960s
that genre took over the U.S. West Coast after
Santana became a major number in the San
Francisco area with its peculiar "Chicano" style.
In 2002, along with Gustavo Santaolalla and
having contributions from Anibal Kerpel Juanes
made his second album, "Un Día Normal",
combining once again traditional Latin rhythms,
pop/rock and inspiring lyrics. A major tour
followed soon after. In August, 2004 "Nada Valgo
Sin Tu Amor" becomes the first  single from "Mi
Sangre", also featuring the hit songs "Volverte A
Ver" and "
La Camisa Negra" (video). In 2007
Juanes returns with "
Me Enamora" (video), from
the Latin Grammy-winning "La Vida...Es Un
Ratico", followed by "
Gotas De Agua Dulce"
video) and "Tres" (video). In 2010 "Yerbatero"
video) becomes the first single from the album
"P.A.R.C.E.", followed by "
Y No Regresas"
video) and "Regalito" (video). In March 2012 "La
Señal" (video) became the first single from his
"MTV Unplugged" album, followed by "Hoy Me
Voy" and "Me Enamora", achieving a Grammy
Award for best Latin pop album in February,
2013. In 2014 Juanes returns with "Loco De
Amor" featuring the hit singles "
La Luz" (video)
and "
Mil Pedazos" (video). In early 2015 he
releases "
Juntos" (video) and later "Querida"
video) recorded along with Juan Gabriel. In 2016
Juanes returns with "
Fuego" (video). In
Juanuary of 2017 he releases "
Hermosa Ingrata"
video), followed by "Angel" (video), "El Ratico"
video), "Goodbye For Now" (video) and "Es
Tarde" (video). In February of 2018 Juanes
joined the tribute to Mexican icon Marco Antonio
Solis with "
Más Que Tu Amigo" (video). In
January of 2019 "
La Plata" (video) is released
featuring Lalo Ebratt.