Paulina Rubio.
Paulina Rubio started walking on the long
way to the top at an early age. Success was
guaranteed by her looks and energy. Leave
Timbiriche became her first step to start a
solo career. In 1992, her debut album called
"La Chica Dorada" (The Golden Girl) is
released by Capitol Records, followed by
"24 Kilates", "El Tiempo Es Oro" and
"Paulina". That self-titled record turned into
her breakthrough, reaching the U.S. Latin
market and becoming one of the most
popular artists out of the Hispanic scene.
That was the right moment to start
recording in English. The first attempt to
attrack the attention of the non-Hispanic
market was the song "Sexual Lover", the
English-language version of "
Yo Sigo Aqui"
video), released in 2001 and first single out
of "Border Girl". That album, climbed to the
No 11 among the top-selling records in the
U.S., while "Don't Say Goodbye" became
Paulina's first Top 40 in that market. Two
decades after debuting as part of
Timbiriche, she got involved in a major
"crossover", trend led by artists such as
Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.
featuring the hit single "Si Tu Te Vas". In
2004, the song "Te Quise Tanto",
composed by singer/songwriter
Sorokin, came ahead of her full-lenght
record called "Pau-Latina", featuring
contributions from Emilio Estefan, Jr., Toy
Hernandez from
Control Machete and Jorge
Villamizar from
Bacilos. In 2006 Paulina
recorded her eighth album called "Ananda",
featuring the hit single "
Ni Una Sola
Palabra" (video). In 2009 "Causa y Efecto"
video) became the first single from "Gran
City Pop", followed by "
Ni Rosas Ni
Juguetes" (video). "Brava" is released in
2011, featuring the hit single "
Me Gustas
Tanto", followed by "Me Voy" featuring
Espinoza Paz. In April 2012 Paulna releases
Boys Will Be Boys", from her album
"Bravisima" and in February of 2015 "
Nuevo Vicio" (video) featuring Morat. She
returns in January of 2016 with "
Si Te Vas"
video) followed by "Me Quema" (video). In
May of 2018 she returns with "
video), featuring Nacho, followed by
Suave y Sutil" (video), featured on her
album "Deseo". "
Si Supieran" (video) is
released in September of 2019.
In March of
2020 Paulina and Raymix get together on
Tú y Yo" (video).
By Drago Bonacich.       (Español)