Mexican teen-pop sensation RBD emerged
from the successful soap opera Rebelde
(Rebel), based on the life and affairs of 13
high school students. The original line-up
Dulce Maria Espinoza (born
12/06/1983), Alfonso Herrera Rodriguez
(born 08/28/1983), Anahí­ Giovanna Puente
Portillo (born 05/14/1983), Jose
Chavez Garza (born 08/07/1983),
Christopher von Uckermann (born
10/21/1986) and
Maite Perroni (03/03/1983).
In May 2005 their first self-titled album
achieved platinum status in Mexico after
selling 350.000 copies and by the end of that
same month it became a gold record in the
US after selling 100.000 copies. "Rebelde",
"Sólo Quédate En Silencio" and "Sálvame"
became smash hits all over Latin America. A
live album followed soon after and while still
touring Mexico and major US cities, they
returned with "Nuestro Amor", featuring the
hit singles "Aún Hay Algo" and "Este
Corazón". After recording a portuguese
version, "Nosso Amor" became a
chart-topping song in Brazil. In January
2006 RBD recorded "Live In Hollywood" and
while the soap opera was coming to an end
in Mexico, they announced a new tv series,
a movie and their first English-language
album called "Rebels", featuring "Tu Amor".
"Empezar Desde Cero" is released in 2007,
followed by a greatest hits compilation and
their last album "Para Olvidarte De Mí".