Interview with
Drago Bonacich and
Maite Perroni.
For our exclusive interview with RBD we decided
to make one of our visitors very happy and
connect one of them with a member of the band.
After a few attempts to get in touch by phone with
participants from all over the world to win a phone
call from one of their members, finally Cristian
Pesa (19) who lives in Miami, FL, answered without
knowing Maite Perroni was calling him. They had a
nice chat for a few minutes talking about the band,
live performances and their projects. Maite, who
was smiling all the time, answered all his
questions. Cristian will also wins a giant poster
signed by all
RBD members. At this interview
moment they were having the time of their life.
With 6 million copies sold worldwide and touring
around Mexico, the U.S., Central America,
Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and Spain,
Dulce María, Anahí, Maite, Christopher, Alfonso
and Christian have become one of the most
successful Latin American pop bands ever.
Christian says "We have proved to everyone in
Latin America that people enjoy pop music very
much and we hope English-speaking audiences
will enjoy our music too". After our congratulations
for their successful tour around Brazil, we asked
them about the song "I Wanna Be The Rain". Maite
says "As you probably know we have worked with
very talented people, including award-winning
composer Diane Warren. One of their
contributions is "I Wanna Be The Rain", featured in
Spanish in our record called "Celestial" and also in
our first English-language album called "Rebels".
We liked it and we decided to include it in both
records. Have you ever imagined to become as
famous as you are now? Dulce María answers "We
always hoped to reach a wide audience in our
communities, but to be honest with you it's been a
wild ride and we are now reaching people we never
thought we would be able to. We're even planning
to reach Japanese music fans". We're not
surprised. The first e-mail to participate in our
contest came from Romania, something even their
record label representatives couldn't believe.
Alfonso told us about Sálvame, a charitable
foundation they are working on to help poor
children in Latin America, specially in countries
such as Mexico and Brazil. They also told us they
are improving their skills as instrumentalists
(Christopher plays drums and Anahí plays guitar).  
They feel confident they will be together for a long
time. Finally they defined themselves in three
single words "Passionate, authentic and rebels!".